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Ippon Seoi Nage

Biomechanical classificationKata WazaKata Waza



  Ippon Seoi Nage is a throwing technique said to be of the “shoulder” type where the throwing movement is performed mainly by grabbing Uke’s upper body .
To perform this move, Tori makes an arm hook under Uke's underarmby completely turning his back to Uke. During this move, Tori needs to adequately position his hips (to act as a pivot ) under Uke’s belt knot .Then, Tori takes Uke on his back . During this sequence, Tori keeps both feet on the ground, knees bent. Tori completes the throwing technique with the combined actions of stretching the knees and turning the head and shoulders
Here is a detailed account of the right side (Migi)technique when Uke moves forward.  


« Breaking of Uke’s balance» At the end of the Kuzushi, Tori must be able to break Uke’s balance forward while maintaining the latter as stretched as possible. The Kuzushi must allow him to hold in the space and maintain high Uke’s centre of gravity ( mark located just slightly under the belt’s knot). By keeping Uke’s body position as high as possible, (pulling effort), Tori’s future hip position under Uke’s belt knot will be made easier. Here are the sequence’s various steps  :
  1. When Tori is moving and his left leg is positioned behind him, he performs a combined traction with both hands. His left hand (wrist performing an outside rotation)) pulls Uke’s right sleeve upwards and forward. His right hand horizontally pulls while maintaining a significant directional pull upwards
  2. During the same sequence, Tori moves his right foot and crosses itin front of Uke’s right foot after having taken a step forward (leg slightly bent). Tori gets a firm grip with the sole of his foot inside Uke’s support mark. This previous move starts what is called the Taisabaki (the moving forward of the lower part of Tori’s body). Tori starts rotating his head to the left
These moves will break Uke’s balance forward, on his right leg.


« Tori body placement»

While continuing his traction move upwards and forward, Tori completes the breaking of Uke’s balance by placing his body in the following position  :

  1. He solidly wraps his right arm (between his biceps and forearm) under Uke’s right underarm while moving and maintaining his pulling effort forward and upwards. Tori must keep his right fist closed, His wrist must perform an inside rotation. His elbow is well bent in a very sharp angle and his forearm is in close contact against Uke’s arm and right shoulder. These moves help Tori firmly catch (with an arm hook) Uke’s upper body to keep him in an elevated position .
  2. At the same time, he brings his left foot (leg bent) at the same level as his right foot by moving it swiftly backwards. This move completes the Taisabaki .
  3. Then, Tori quickly turns in front of Uke and takes him on his back while keeping his feet parallel  inside Uke’s legs. Tori’s body weight is directed forward and puts pressure on the sole of his feet. During this sequence, Tori’s legs are bent and his hips are placed placed under Uke's belt knot. The right side of his pelvis is in contact with the inside of Uke’s top right thigh .
At this stage of the Tsukuri, Tori’s upper body is taking firm contact with Uke’s chest and abdomen. When the “entrance” is completed, Tori locks both armsby squeezing them vigorously against himself (the left hand pulls and the right arm is in a hook). His chin is leaningin support on the top part of his left clavicle


« The throw»

To perform the throw and complete the technique, Tori executes the following moves  
  1. He simultaneously bends his trunk forward on his left;
  2. He stretches his legs and moves his buttocks backwards ;
  3. He connects a combined rotationof the shoulders and head to the left with these moves .
Tori ’s throwing movement is performed in priority with the hook movement executed by his right arm and the top part of his shoulder upwards. When Tori executes the throw, the directional pull taking hold is driven from Uke’s right to Tori’s left. Tori’s head movement to the left also accompanies the throw. Remember that Uke’s body swings forward around a rotation axis formed by Tori’s hips .

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