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Kubi Nage

Biomechanical classificationKoshi WazaRyo Ashi yoridokoro



  Kubi Nage is a hip technique performed with both feet on the ground.
Tori wraps his arm arm around Uke’s neck and shoulder and uses his leg to block .
Tori needs to rotate his pelvis in a lively manner and stretch his leg at the same time. Wrapping of the arm is executed simultaneously.  


« Breaking of Uke’s balance» To break Uke’s balance, Tori must perform the following steps:
  • Pull with both hands at the same time: the left hand pulls Uke’s right sleeve upwards, and with his right hand, Tori pulls horizontallyto force Uke to take a step forward.
  • He starts turning his upper bodyfrom left to right.




« Tori body placement» Tori connects the following moves in this specific order:
  • He wraps his right arm around Uke’s neck and shoulder as he continues to pull.
  • He rotates his hips in order to stand with his back to Uke and he stretches his leg in a blocking position. Stretching of the leg much be energetic. Legs are bent with a forward opening .
  • He continues to pull Uke’s right arm while emphasizing the trunk’s rotation to the left.
  • When he starts the head rotation,he looks to the left.




« The throw»
To perform the throw, Tori connects the following moves in this specific order :
  • He uses his arms to pull firmly. This will allow him to keep strong contactwith Uke’s trunk .
  • He bends forward, stretches his legs and pushes his pelvis backwards .
  • He looksin the rotation’s direction.
  • Rotating the shoulders and head leads to Uke falling.

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