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Morote Seoi Nage

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Morote Seoi Nage is a shoulder throwing technique which is carried out with two hands while placing the elbow under the armpit of Uke.

It is a forwards throw which must be carried out very low and ends in a dynamic push of the legs.  


« Breaking of Uke’s balance»

To unbalance Uke, Tori must carry out the following actions:

  • To lower its seizure to the collar 20cm
  • To draw simultaneously with the two hands: the left hand draws the right sleeve from Uke to the top, while the right hand draws horizontally and upwards while bringing closer its before arm the abdomen Uke;


« Tori body placement» Tori connects in the order the following actions:
  • To draw upward firmly Uke right sleeve;
  • To start to turn his body
  • To get down very low under the Uke's center of gravity
  • Turns its wrist and directs its right elbow under the armpit of Uke, while maintaining its judogi firmly;
  • To finish its rotation to find back with Uke


« The throw»
To to complete the throw, Tori sequence the following actions:
  • To continue to draw firmly with its arms, to keep a strong contact with Uke's trunk.
  • To charge Uke on his back.
  • To lean his body forwards;
  • To release his legs to carry out a dynamic push of the pelvis upwards;
  • Finally, the right arm must pull downwards to throw Uke forwards.

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