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O Goshi

Biomechanical classificationKoshi WazaRyo Ashi yoridokoro




O Goshi is a hip throw technique where Tori’s pelvis is placed in such a way as to serve as a lever in the throwing movement. In this particular move, the pelvis’ position and connection help in improving the hip’s performance.

Then Tori wraps his arm firmly around Uke’s waist, he swings him over his hip. When Tori throws down Uke, he keeps his feet on the ground with his knees slightly bent and his hip well positioned under Uke’s centre of gravity (under the belt).  


« Breaking of Uke’s balance» At the end of the Kuzushi, Tori must be able to break Uke's balance forward, his weight evenly distributed on both feet. The movement actually requires two steps:
  1. First, Uke is in the migi shizentai position. With his right hand, Tori firmly pulls Uke’s left facing. This move creates the first off-balancing movement with Uke’s left leg being moved forward
  2. When Uke’s left foot goes over Tori’s right foot, the latter performs the following connecting sequence:
    • he pulls Uke’s right sleeve with his left hand, upwards and forward;
    • he moves his left foot by swiftly crossing it behind his right foot (a rotating Taisabaki);
    • he slides his right arm under Uke's right armpit. This movement allows him to wrap his arm around Uke's waist.
With these moves, Uke is off-balanced forward.


« Tori body placement» Tori performs these steps in the following order and sequence:
  1. He rotates in front of Uke to find himself standing on both legs, knees bent. Throughout this movement, he must maintain the strong pulling action of his left arm, forward and upward.
  2. He firmly wraps his right arm around Uke’s waist
  3. He positions his hips under the centre of gravity (under the belt)
  4. He takes a quick look to the left


« The throw»
To perform this throw, Tori must follow this connecting order and sequence:
  1. He relaxes his legs by keeping the sole of his feet in contact with the ground.
  2. He loads Uke on his hip.
  3. He synchronizes his arms’ movement to pull-reverse Uke’s trunk forward.
  4. He twists his body from right to left and turns his shoulders with an accompanying movement of the head also from right to left.
Tori's rotating action is performed directly forward.


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